There is growing recognition that no nation will be immune to the impacts of the changing climate system. Today across the globe climate centres have been established to help understand and address the challenges of climate change The case for Pakistan is compelling, as South Asia is regarded by the global community as a region highly vulnerable to climate change. The need for building climate resilience is critical. Work on climate vulnerability, adaptation, GHG mitigation and disaster risk management has become equally important. For this purpose, the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) has set up a Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD).

The Centre was founded by Ambassador Shahid Kamal with the support of Dr. S. M. Junaidi, Rector, CIIT. The creation of CCRD is a manifestation of the realization that there is an urgent need to develop Pakistan’s capacity to enhance understanding of climate change, develop relevant technical research capacity, establish knowledge networks and links in the region and internationally, and promote the teaching of climate sciences.

Pakistan needs to increasingly look at its development work through a ‘climate lens’ to ensure adaptability and sustainability.

Hence an important aspect of the work of CCRD would focus on mainstreaming climate change into development policy and community- based adaptation to climate change across the country.

Major areas of work of CCRD will be in following areas

  • Study extreme weather conditions and associated environmental challenges by improving capabilities for scientific research,
  • Assess climatic conditions and climate variability in the region,
  • Conduct research on the consequences of climate change, leading to formulation of mitigation and adaptation strategies,
  • Provide support to institutions in Pakistan for designing policies and programs in the framework of the national Climate Change Policy.

CCRD’s main office will be located at CIIT Islamabad, with the technical resource centre located at the CIIT campus in Abbottabad.

Following are the main research expertise relevent to the Climate Change group at CIIT Abbottabad.

  • Climate change and glaciers monitoring
  • Snow and glacier hydrology
  • Water resources management
  • Biodiversity and conservation
  • Nitrogen Cycling (global warming)
  • Climate change and ecosystem functioning