CCRD will be involved with basic research that is relevant and useful to society in addressing the challenges of climate change. CCRD will be able to work in a multi- disciplinary manner with a collection of experts from different disciplines. As such, CCRD will be able to draw from the knowledge and skills of CIIT’s existing departments, such as meteorology, earth sciences, environmental sciences, agriculture, biosciences, and management and computer sciences.

Key areas for CCRD’s research effort will include:

  • Regional climate variability and climate modelling, including monsoon dynamics and effects of Himalayan uplift
  • Regional risk, impact and vulnerability assessment
  • Agriculture and water resource monitoring and management
  • Risk-resilient infrastructure
  • GHG emissions, mitigation, and impacts
  • Atmospheric phenomena and pollution monitoring
  • Application of remote sensing and GIS in meteorology
  • Assessment of extreme weather events, natural hazards and disaster risk management.