Over the past four years, CCRD has grown into hub consisting of mix of dominantly Environmental Sciences and the liaison and the outreach activities. I plan to bring in more of the Climate Science element, in addition to expanding its existing Environmental Sciences team as well as the liaison and the outreach activities.

Climate change is now undoubtedly impacting our lives in several many ways. Be it agriculture or any social norm. There is need to effectively convey awareness about the significance of climate change regionally as well as at country level. Then comes the relevance of adaptation and mitigation of climate change. Pakistan is among the top few countries in the world that is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts, according to several recent studies.

The CCRD is addressing these issues through detailed scientific studies addressing various aspects of pure and applied climate science as it pertains to Pakistan. There are several ongoing operational projects that address the issues of impacts of climate change in various societal sectors. Awareness campaigns in the form of walks, round table discussions, scientific seminars and symposia are organized by CCRD to highlight issues related to climate science.

I welcome you to join us for this venture.

Athar Hussain
Head Centre for Climate Research & Development (CCRD)