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Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge in the twenty-first century. No nation can afford to ignore the far- reaching consequences of climate change. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in his address to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Warsaw in November 2013, stated that “climate change threatens current and future generations”.

Pakistan is regarded by the international community as a highly vulnerable country to climate change. Pakistan needs to build climate resilience to ensure sustainable development. Work on climate vulnerability, adaptation and disaster risk management has become equally significant. We need to produce scientific information to provide our policy makers with the information and technical inputs needed to manage the challenges and opportunities generated by global climate change.

The National Climate Change Policy of the Government of Pakistan has recognized the importance of building human resource capacity and strengthening institutions in addressing the challenge of climate change. The Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD) will conduct high quality work based on the knowledge and skills of CIIT’s multidisciplinary research groups. It will disseminate its reports and findings to policymakers, liaise with think tanks and universities, and create awareness of the public to the challenges of climate change.

Ambassador (Retd.) Shahid Kamal
Advisor Centre for Climate Research & Development (CCRD)

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