CCRD master’s program would be oriented towards:

  • Understanding the dynamics, complexity and interaction between natural, social and economic processes and systems with regard to climate change and sustainable development
  • Analysing issues related to climate change and sustainable development by taking into consideration different disciplinary perspectives
  • Developing an ability to utilize adequate working methods and instruments for scientific research and application
  • Fostering application of diverse knowledge and scientific skills within inter- and trans-disciplinary groups
  • Creating capacities to undertake independent scientific research and formulate the results for scholarly publication.

Master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral degree programs at the Institute would include the following fields:

  1. Master’s Programs:
    • Climate Science
    • Disaster Management
    • Climate Impact Assessment
    • Sustainable Development
    • Risk Management
    • in Climatology
    • Environmental Planning and Management
    • Meteorology
  2. Doctoral Programs:
    • Climate Dynamics
    • Climatology
    • Meteorology
    • Climate Modelling
  3. Post-Doctoral Fellow Programs:
    • Depending upon the candidates’ expertise, but within the scope of the CCRD’s aims and objectives as defined by the four working groups.