Research Publications

  • 2018
    1. Elahi, E., Abid, M., Zhang, L., Ul Haq, S. and J.G.M. Sahito, 2018. Agricultural advisory and financial services; farm level access, outreach and impact in a mixed cropping district of Punjab, Pakistan. Land Use Policy, 71: 249-260
  • 2017
    1. Arif, K., Ahmad, R., Khan, S. A., Asad, S. A. Ahmad, T., Abbasi, G. H., and M. Shahzad, 2017. Molecular characterization of growth and proteolysis related genes in maize under drought stress. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 49: 2127-2132.
    1. Ullah, A., Farooq, M., Nadeem, A., Rehman, A., Asad, S. A. and A. Nawaz, 2017. Manganese nutrition improves the productivity and grain biofortification of fine grain aromatic rice in conventional and conservation production systems. Paddy and Water Environment, 15: 563-572.
    1. Ahmed, T., Usman, M. and M. Scholz, 2017. Biodeterioration of buildings and public health implications caused by indoor air pollution. Indoor and Built Environment, 1420326X17690912.
    1. Ahmed, T., Farid, M. U., Faridullah, Naseem, K., Ali, S. A., Durrani, Y. and A. Muhammad, 2017. Toxic, vital elemental analysis and nutritional quality of wheat flour of hazara division, Pakistan. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 26: 4119-4127.
    1. Faridullah, Haroon, B., Ahmed, T., Naz, A. and S. Alam, 2017. Characterization of heavy metals from polluted soils after amendment with lake sediments. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 26: 1698-1705.
  • 2016
    1. Ahmed, T., Scholz, M., Al-Faraj, F. and W. Niaz, 2016. Water-related impacts of climate change on agriculture and subsequently on public health: A review for generalists with particular reference to Pakistan. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13: 1051.
    1. Ahmed, T., Bhatti, Z. A., Maqbool, F., Mahmood, Q., Faridullah, Qayyum, S. and N. Mushtaq, 2016. A comparative study of synthetic and natural coagulants for silver nanoparticles removal from wastewater. Desalination and Water Treatment, 57: 18718-18723.
    1. Durrani, Y., Zeb, A., Ali, S. A., Khan, N. U., Hussain, J., Naqvi, T. A. and T. Ahmed, 2016. Effects of chemical preservatives on mango squash stored under different temperature regimes. Minerva Biotecnologica, 28: 153-158.
    1. Faridullah, Qazi, W., Awan, S. J., Alam, A. and T. Ahmed, 2016. Study of potassium, calcium and magnesium in soil and rice irrigated from fresh and waste water canal. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 25: 2232-2242.
    1. Ahmad, R., Tehsin, Z., Malik, S. T., Asad, S. A., Shahzad, M., Bilal, M. and S.A. Khan, 2016. Phytoremediation potential of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.): identification and characterization of heavy metals responsive genes. Clean–Soil, Air, Water, 44: 195-201.
    1. Jamil, S., Khan, S. A., Ahmad, R., Asad, S. A., Irshad, U., Shahzad, M. and N. Khan, 2016. The effects of different levels of salinity on growth and proline accumulation in three pea varieties. Minerva Biotecnologica, 28: 95-103.
    1. Shahzad, M., Saqib, Z. A., Hafeez, F., Bilal, M., Khan, S. A., Asad, S. A. and J. Akhtar, 2016. Growth-related changes in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes grown under salinity stress. Journal of Plant Nutrition, 39: 1257-1265.
    1. Hassan, S., Yasin, T., Imran, Z. and S.S. Batool, 2016. Silane based novel crosslinked chitosan/poly (vinyl alcohol) membrane: structure, characteristic and adsorption behaviour. Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 26: 208-218.
    1. Batool, S. S., Imran, Z., Hassan, S., Rasool, K., Ahmad, M. and M.A. Rafiq, 2016. Enhanced adsorptive removal of toxic dyes using SiO2 nanofibers. Solid State Sciences, 55: 13-20.
    1. Batool, S. S., Hassan, S., Imran, Z., Rasool, K., Ahmad, M. and M.A. Rafiq, 2016. Comparison of different phases of bismuth silicate nanofibers for photodegradation of organic dyes. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 13: 1497-1504.
  • 2015
    1. Rasheed, A., Aneja, V. P., Aiyyer, A. and U. Rafique, 2015. Measurement and analysis of fine particulate matter (PM2. 5) in urban areas of Pakistan. Aerosol Air Quality Research, 15: 426-439.
    1. Rasheed, A., Farooq, F., Rafique, U., Nasreen, S. and M.A. Ashraf, 2016. Analysis of sorption efficiency of activated carbon for removal of anthracene and pyrene for wastewater treatment. Desalination and Water Treatment, 57: 145-150.
    1. Ahmed, T., Imdad, S. and N.M. Butt, 2015. Bacteriological assessment of drinking water of Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan. Desalination and Water Treatment, 56: 2316-2322.
    1. Ahmed, T., Imdad, S., Yaldram, K. and S.M. Raza, 2015. Awareness and Attitude About Nanotechnology in Pakistan. Journal of Nano Education, 7: 44-51.
    1. Faridullah, F., Khalid, Z., Irshad, M., Alam, A., Ahmed, T. and Z.A. Bhatti, 2015. Fractionation of phosphorus in human and animal wastes. Minerva Biotecnologica, 27: 63-70.
    1. Ahmed, T., Pervez, A., Mehtab, M. and S.K. Sherwani, 2015. Assessment of drinking water quality and its potential health impacts in academic institutions of Abbottabad (Pakistan). Desalination and Water Treatment, 54: 1819-1828.
    1. Asad, S. A., Young, S. D. and H.M. West, 2015. Effect of zinc and glucosinolates on nutritional quality of Noccaea caerulescens and infestation by Aleyrodes proletella. Science of The Total Environment, 511: 21-27.
    1. Asad, S. A., Tabassum, A., Hameed, A., Afzal, A., Khan, S. A., Ahmed, R. and M. Shahzad, 2015. Determination of lytic enzyme activities of indigenous Trichoderma isolates from Pakistan. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, 46: 1053-1064.
    1. Asad, S. A., Muhammad, S., Farooq, M., Afzal, A., Broadley, M., Young, S. and H. West, 2015. Anthocyanin production in the hyperaccumulator plant Noccaea caerulescens in response to herbivory and zinc stress. Acta physiologiae plantarum, 37: 1715.
  • Book Chapters
    1. Raza A. Asad SA. And W. Muhammad W. 2018. Organic agriculture for food security in Pakistan. In: Ecology for Agriculture, sustainable agriculture reviews, Springer, Netherland (In Press).
    1. Asad SA, 2017. Soils-PCBs-PGPRs interactions in changing climate scenarios. In: Xenobiotics in the Soil Environment. Hashmi, MZ. Kumar, V. and A. Varma (Eds.). Soil biology series, pp 281-298. Springer International Publishing.

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