Composition of CCRD

The CCRD will comprise following inter-related research Working Groups, along with their tasks:

  1. WG I: Assessment of Climate Change and its Variability

    • Observed data (weather station) analysis
    • Global circulation models (GCM) and regional climate models (RCM) simulations (past, present and future)
    • Downscaling of regional climate models to local scales (using statistical and remote sensing techniques)
  2. WG II: Impact Assessment of Climate Change

    • Water Resource assessment through hydrological modelling and RS/GIS techniques
      1. Glaciers, glacier lakes, snow, groundwater, etc.
      2. Future water availability scenarios and forecast
    • Agriculture (cereal and commercial crops)
      1. Long term crop monitoring
      2. Crop growth simulation modelling
    • Environment and biodiversity
    • Health
    • Oceanography and marine meteorology
    • Economics of climate change through integration of climate and economic models and assessing the costs of climate change impacts
  3. WG III: Adaptation and Mitigation

    • Devising adaptation strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts
    • Capacity building in resilience to climate change
    • Policy and action plans to address climate change
  4. WG IV: Trans-disciplinary Research

    Use of mathematical techniques for developing cooperation in trans-disciplinary domains, such as:

    • Emissions (greenhouse gas sources and sinks) and governance
    • Green economy and sustainable development
    • Integrated disasters/risk assessment and management relating to climate change

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