PTV World Interview on Asian Monsoon Conference January 20-21, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014


1.      Prof. Dr. JuergenKropp, Deputy Head Climate Impacts and Vulnerabilities PIK

2.      Prof. Dr. Zhaohui Lin, Director ICCES

3.      Ambassador Shahid Kamal, Advisor CCRD

Islamabad January 20, 2014 – Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD), Department of Meteorology COMSATS Islamabad, COMSATS Headquarters and COMSATS Centre of Excellence in China, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Germany (PIK), and International Centre for Climate & Environmental Sciences (ICCES) China and Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) China jointly organized “International Conference on Asian Monsoon and Climate Change” in Serena Hotel Islamabad on January 20-21, 2014.

The conference provided a platform to researchers from the fields of agriculture, water resources and economic planning to discuss recent advances and changes in the Asian climate events of the Asian Monsoon region.

The conference was convened by Prof. Dr. JuergenKropp from Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Prof. Dr. Zhaohui from International Centre for Climate and Environmental Sciences(ICCES) and Ambassador Shahid Kamal from CCRD, and was the first event from the platform of CCRD in cooperation with PIK and ICCES. Post television interview of the three conveners was also conducted by PTV World’s programDiplomatic Enclave, highlighting the importance of the Asian Monsoon conference and discussing the issues related to climate change impacts in the Asian monsoon region.

Prof. Dr. JuergenKroppexplained that Europe along with Asia is experiencing a lot of climate change impacts and there is increased variability in the weather patterns which are expected to become more extreme in the near future. To mitigate climate change and lessen its impacts the most important challenge is the awareness among society and inform people about the potential solutions; this linking bridge between climate change and people is still missing. “For this we need climate change management and need to understand how it can be communicated to the society. PIK will also do capacity building of our CIIT colleagues to enhance their research capacity for climate.”

AmbassadorShahid Kamal stated that climate change is a multidimensional phenomenon so impacts everybody: policy makers, academia and research, and society at individual level.Sustainable agricultural practices need to be adopted for better quality of air water and soil to ensure continuous development of human existence on earth. “For this purpose we need to look in a holistic way altogether to involve the entire community to face the challenges posed by climate change. In this regard, role of print and electronic media is important.COMSATS is providing its support on climate change issue in terms of research and in the future we are going to setup an advocacy unit which will convey the information and findingsto general public and academic institutions, with a motive to stimulate discussions and find a way forward to cope with the challenge of climate change”.

Prof. Dr. Zhaohui Lin Director of ICCES emphasized the importance of international cooperation to mitigate climate change since it is a global issue and affects everybody. He stated that the main focus of ICCES is climate model development and to provide these models to different sectors. In cooperation with COMSATS and CCRD, we look forward to organize different workshops and conferences and try to enhance the working capacity of all the stakeholders who are related to climate and environment”.

The interview can be watched on the following link:

1.      PTV World, Diplomatic Enclave with Omar Khalid Butt: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1awnby_special-episode-of-diplomatic-enclave-with-omar-khalid-butt-on-climate-change_news




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